Strawberries: Berry Good For Your Skin

Strawberries are good for your skin!

Strawberries have a tendency to taste even more delicious whilst watching Wimbledon Tennis in the sunshine.

As well as being delicious, they have incredible health benefits that include working miracles on your skin.

Whether you’re eating strawberries or using them directly on your face, here’s a lowdown of the top 5 reasons to stock up on them this summer:

1. Skin Repair and Acne Benefits
Strawberries contain some really beneficial acids including folic acid and salicyclic acid. Both can be found in abundance in strawberries (and raspberries for that matter). Folic acid actively encourages cell renewal and repair, which is perfect for suffering or aging skin. Plus, salicyclic acid is a widely known product used in anti-acne treatments. Spot on!

2. UV Protection
Like tomatoes, strawberries contain loads of antioxidants so eating them is a great way to protect your insides and outsides from free-radicals which are exacerbated by UV. Eat plenty of strawberries and give yourself a mini strawberry facial to give yourself the best protection. Plus, always use sunscreen to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay!

3. Anti-Ageing
Ellagic acid is another great feature of strawberries that contributes to UV protection, but primarily its starring role is as an anti-ager. Along with Vitamin C, these work together to encourage cell regrowth, effectively combatting the influences of ageing.

4. Healthy insides, healthy outsides
Fibrous cereals look and taste like cardboard, but we’re constantly told to up our fibre intake. Happily, strawberries have a high percentage of fibre. Keeping plenty of fibre in your diet keeps your insides clean as it helps clear out toxins from your system. Healthy inside, healthy outside!

5. Zinc, Zinc, Zinc
Zinc is the best. Not only does it boost your sex drive, it is also your #1 part of your Skincare SOS kit. Zinc is a primary part of the process of cell division within your body and it can be found within every cell from your head to your toes. Zinc can also help control and maintain healthy hormone levels, which not only helps fight effects of acne but can also fight ageing. Perfect.

As well as chowing down on an enormous bowl of strawberries, you can also make simple and effective homemade toners and masks using strawberries.

Simple Strawberry Toner:
Mash up 2 large strawberries in a small bowl and sieve the juice into 30ml of water, plus half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Using cotton wool gently spread this over your face. Leave for 8-10 minutes and rinse off with warm water. You can keep this water in a small bottle for up to 5 days and store in the fridge.

Strawberry Facemask:
Mash up strawberries, add a little raw honey and a teaspoon of live yoghurt and spread on your skin as a mask. Leave for 10-15 minutes before washing off with clean water and patting your skin dry. You can also use this as a scrub by massaging into your skin using circular movements. Another great feature of this mask – it’s not just edible but delicious too!

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Dr Naila Usmani
Consultant Dermatologist
MBChB, BSc(Pharm), MRCP